Cyber Security Awareness Programme

At DappsTech we believe that Cyber Security aware society is the need of the hour, there is a growing need for Cyber Security awareness, every user of internet should know at least the basics of cyber security, an educated and aware user can help in minimizing the impact and rate of cyber crimes, particularly of those that are related with online transactions and phishing…

Cyber Security Awareness Projects
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Cyber Security Awareness for Social Media Users
Cyber Security Awareness Basics for Non-Technical Users

Cyber Security Awareness for Social Media Users Cyber Security Awareness Basics for Non Technical Users

Some research reports shine a spotlight on the need of cyber security awareness. Let’s take a look at some recent stats:

The research carried out by Axelos, a UK government/Capita joint venture, found that 75 percent of large organizations suffered staff-related security breaches in 2015, with 50 percent of the worst breaches caused by human error.

Last year Assocham and Mahindra Special Service group(SSG) released the report of a joint study “Cyber and Network Security Framework”, findings of this study are alarming…according to this report Cyber Crimes in India are increasing at 107% of Common Annual Growth Rate. Let’s take a look at some highlights of this report that are published at

–India ranks third after Japan and US in the tally of countries most affected by online banking malware during the year of 2014.

–As per the findings, every month nearly 12,456 cases of cyber crimes registered in India.

–The number of cyber crime victims in India (2012) was 46 million people against the global average of 560 million.

–During the years 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 (till May), a total number of 21,699, 27,605, 28,481, 48,174 Indian websites were hacked by various hacker group spread across worldwide.

–Phishing attacks of online banking accounts or cloning of ATM/Debit cards are common occurrences. The increasing use of mobile/smartphones/tablets for online banking/financial transactions has also increased the vulnerabilities to a great extent. The maximum offenders came from the 18-30 age group.

–There has been a sixfold increase in Credit and debit card fraud cases over the past three years. According to the data, around 2277 complaints of online banking/credit/debit card fraud have been reported last year.

–As per the study, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra have occupied the top 3 positions when it comes to cyber crimes registered under the new IT Act in India. Interestingly, these three states together contribute more than 70 per cent to India’s revenue from IT and IT related industries.

–According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), in 2013, 681 cyber crime related cases have been registered in Maharashtra, which has seen a 44.6 percent rise in cyber crimes when compared to 2012. Andhra Pradesh with 635 cases registered in 2013 has also seen a 48 percent rise when compared to 2012. Karnataka with 513 cases registered in 2013 has seen a 24.5 percent rise when compared to 2012.

–Uttar Pradesh with 372 cases registered in 2013 is in the fourth place. It has seen a huge rise of 81.5 percent in just one year. Kerala is in the 5th place with 349 cases registered in 2013.

We believe that the approach to address cyber security needs some improvements because the attackers are becoming more and more sophisticated and advanced too.

At DappsTech, Cyber Security Awareness is one of our prime areas. At this stage, we are developing Cyber Security Awareness Training Modules according to the specific needs.